Steampower Coffee & Restaurant
Our love for coffee and a pinch of experimenting have brought about a new approach to taste.
The new coffee experience.

Our coffee is roasted directly on the spot, right in front of you. Every cup of coffee is packed with the taste and aromas of freshly-ground beans, which you can also enjoy in your own home thanks to our store.


Explore our wide range of blends, single-origin and specialty coffees. Our selection of espressos, cold brewings and coffees in good spirits will cater for every taste.


From appetizers to desserts, our chefs like to experiment with recipes, marrying flavourful, perfectly balanced ingredients with the unique taste of coffee. Whether you are eating solo or with others, our restaurant offers a complete menu for your lunch and dinner, as well as for a slow, relaxed breakfast.

Coffee roasting
The distinguishing feature of our café:
a micro roasting system with two in-shop roasters.
But first, coffee.
Coffee roasting
The scents and flavours of freshly roasted coffee will turn your coffee moments into a unique experience.

The two roasters you see on entering our café are certainly not just decorative items; we use them every day to roast the coffee we serve daily and sell in our store. Coffee made with beans roasted using artisan methods has an unmistakable taste that often has nothing to do with the coffee we drink on the fly during our usually hectic days. Come in and try a brand new experience. Come in and enjoy #yourcoffeetime. 

Try our coffee varieties,
all meticulously selected and lovingly roasted to bring out the best taste and flavours.
Want to take your favourite coffee home?
You can buy our freshly-roasted coffee beans directly in our store.

Coffee Blend

Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia

Tasting notes
Coffee blend with hints of fruit and almond, a pleasant body and sweet, lingering notes of chocolate.


Single Origin


Processing method
Pulped natural

Tasting notes
Sweet coffee with flavours of chocolate and hazelnuts


Specialty Coffee



Processing method

Tasting notes
Blueberry, raspberry and dark chocolate

Not just espressos: in our café coffee meets your taste preferences taking on varying forms and flavours throughout the day.
coffee in a cup

Not just espresso, but certainly made expressly on the spot. A must-have to be enjoyed plain, with a dash of milk, in the creamy cappuccino version or any way you like it. Indeed, a classic of Italian culture.


We make coffee using different brewing techniques, some of which are still little known but nonetheless successfully bring out the best taste nuances. V60, Areopress, Chemex, Moka pot, Filter and many more!

coffee in good spirits

It’s always coffee time when coffee becomes a cocktail. Perfect before or after meals, our coffee-based drinks will surprise you with a new tasting experience.

Our restaurant's chefs like to combine all types of dishes with coffee, offering a complete, original menu.
Our menu spans from breakfast to light snacks, and obviously includes a selection of appetizers, main and second courses, both fish and meat based.
  • Business and family lunches and dinners
  • Quick breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Drinks with friends
  • Private rooms for celebrations and private occasions
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Our spacious rooms are the ideal setting for your new coffee experience.
Choose the room you prefer and book your table!
Our Staff
Our wonderful, experienced staff will guide you through a unique tasting experience.
Do you like our concept and would like to replicate it in your town? Start a Steampower restaurant franchise!

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 10
37122 Verona – Italy


+39 045 4642857



Monday – Thursday: from 7 am to 11 pm
Friday: from 7 am to 12 pm
Saturday: from 8 am to 12 pm
Sunday: from 8 am to 11 pm

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